Paintings By Harpo
Harpo Marx may never have attended Julliard.  He never earned a business administration degree from a prestigious college.  He never took a drama class in high school.  He actually quit grade school after trying to pass the second grade for the second time.  Yet, without any formal education he helped write some of the most famous Marx Brothers scripts and performances.  He also had a natural musical talent for playing the harp.  And with the photos below, you can see that he was also a very talented painter!
Harpo painted this in 1959
This is a photo of a painting that was hanging in Mildred Dilling's house. 
Mildred Dilling was Harpo's harp teacher.
If anyone has any paintings by Harpo, or any pictures of his paintings that you would like to send a scan of, I would love to add them to this page.
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