Cool Links
Son of Harpo Speaks - This is Bill Marx's website where you can get an autographed copy of his wonderful new book "Son of Harpo Speaks" 
Over 160 pictures!  Find out what it was like to grow up with Harpo!
Marx Memories - Archives of Bill Marx's former website.
Harpo Speaks - Harpo's autobiography.
Excellent book, you'll love it!!! - A treasure trove of old time radio shows at fabulous prices!
A treasure trove of old time radio shows at fabulous prices!
Check out the OTRCat Marx Brothers Radio Show Collection!
Why a Duck - An extensive Marx Brothers website.
Crazy For The Marx Brothers - A very good Marx Brothers Yahoo group.
The Marx Brothers Museum - A huge collection of Marx Brothers's memorabilia.  Very cool!
Lydia the Tattooed Lady - A very cool site!
The Harpo Marx Site - A fun Harpo site from down under.
This is a great DVD set!
Trillo & Suede - Can a dummy find justice in a human world?
(Check out the dummy named Ezra who was inspired by Harpo!)
How does a childlike mind affect creativity? - A report that includes Harpo!
Other Worlds - Here is where you can get a harp for $800 or so.
(36 string Meghan - 51" tall)
Lyon & Healy Homepage - The number one harp manufacturer.  Harpo played a Lyon & Healy harp.  Only the best for Harpo!
UPDATE: I just spoke with Natalie Bilik, (National Sales Manager for Lyon & Healy), and she said that "Harpo Marx played a Style 23 gold, and I believe he also owned a Style 17."
Sylvia Woods Harp Center - A very nice harp store, with a good selection of books and merchandise.
About Me (Cathy) - I am learning to play the harp!  Click here to hear my progress so far.

Normally I'm a drummer, LOL! 
Click here to see some video clips of me playing the drums!

Click here to see the web site for my band "June Bug"
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